About Us

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T.E.D. Security Service is a company built on the premise and the strong belief that a security officer’s success and effectiveness in the field is determined by how well trained, educated and developed they are before being placed on assignment. Based on this belief, our commitment to excellence and our desire to produce the most effective and productive officers for our clients, T.E.D. Security Service will not permit an officer to assume any post until they are trained, educated and developed to their fullest potential and have demonstrated to management that they have met the requirements, expectations and the standards of that specific assignment.

Our company is directed by ownership that has a vast amount of security related experience in regards to but not limited to having 24(+) years as a federal law enforcement official, 20 years in hospitality security management, served 11 years as a national task force crisis response/management manager, served 11 years as a national task force training manager, and formerly served as the Safety & Security Director of Training for a fortune 400 company.

Integrity and being fit for duty are essential attributes to be a successful and well adapted officer with our company. Therefore, all perspective officers will be subjected to a thorough hiring and screening process before securing employment with our company.

Our security teams are trained, educated and developed by ownership who personally oversees and assigns all officers to any and all properties. Our officers have been tested and are versed in, but not limited to, client interactions, executing basic life support techniques, the daily inspection of all basic life support equipment, investigations/report writing, thorough understanding of property specific security operating procedures, emergency/crisis management, social media, patrolling, loss prevention, lost and found documentation, daily record keeping, etc.  T.E.D. Security Service is committed to assigning officers who possess the ability to retain information that is given to them, officers who possess the ability to assess any given situation and respond efficiently and effectively, and officers who demonstrate unchallengeable integrity.

T.E.D. Security Service is not only committed to ensuring our officers are trained, educated and developed to their fullest potential; but we also want to share our passion for the same with our clients. Specifically, T.E.D. Security Service will provide complementary certifications in regards to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automatic external defibrillator (AED), and first aid training for existing employees of each T.E.D. Security Service contracted property. The certification will last approximately two years and will be renewed by T.E.D. Security Service accordingly.