Consultation and Evaluation

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There are scenarios where existing security teams or departments would like to have an independent and objective analysis as to how effective, impactful, efficient, etc., their teams perform on a daily basis or assist with evaluating how they responded to certain situations.  T.E.D. Security Service offers consultation and evaluation services to existing security teams and departments in regards to but not limited to:

  • Investigations & Report Writing;
  • Effective Communication;
  • Resident, Client, Guest & Employee Interactions;
  • Conflict Resolution;
  • Medical Emergencies (i.e. First Aid, CPR, Utilizing the AED, etc.);
  • Bloodborne Pathogens and Biohazard Removal;
  • Emergency & Crisis Management;
  • Critical Incident Debriefing;
  • Social Media, Local Media, Law Enforcement Agencies, etc.);
  • Patrolling and Documenting Occurrences;
  • Confidentiality;

At the end of the consultation and evaluation phase, we prepare a detailed written analysis documenting our findings. Next, we will meet with you to discuss our findings and assist with establishing a plan of action to address or improve any issues you deem appropriate or any issues or concerns we identify that may impact the effectiveness of your team.