Security Management

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In the event you have a security team in place and require a temporary or permanent experienced management team to oversee your security operations, T.E.D. Security Service is staffed with experienced supervisory and managerial personnel. These individuals are trained, educated, developed and are qualified to handle the day to day operations of specific security teams or your department in general.

Our supervisory and managerial associates have the ability and the capacity to assume these roles with the understanding they must readily adapt and comprehend what is expected of them as dictated by your leadership. Additionally, our supervisory and management associates have the aptitude to digest and conduct themselves accordingly as mandated in your standard operating procedures. If a standard operating procedures manual or emergency & crisis manual is not available on your property, our supervisory and managerial associates are required to travel with both a T.E.D. Standard Operation Procedural and Emergency & Crisis Response manual to assist them in the event a situation arises which requires an immediate and efficient response.