Standard of Excellence

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Standard of Excellence

We, the associates of T.E.D. Security Service, Inc., are a team that is 100% committed and dedicated to training, educating and developing each member of our organization to their fullest potential. We facilitate this commitment through interdependence, collaboration, technology, and  the use of institutions of higher learning and innovation. We are outcome driven and strive to care for one’s general welfare and preserve one’s property and information.  We are committed to excellence as a service and to the principles embodied in this Charter.

Training is Vital to the Effectiveness in the Execution of Our Duties and Responsibilities.

Specialized training enhances the officer’s confidence and improves their job performance.

Effective training helps create a mindset which allows an officer to respond to a situation with greater ease.

Quality training provides the officer with an avenue to perfect and enhance their skills, abilities and knowledge base.

The practicality of training is crucial to the officer which will aid in the decision making process in regards to executing, applying or implementing the appropriate response to any given situation.

Training opportunities afford the officer the opportunity to acquire valuable information and to share the same with fellow officers.

Education is the Most Important Factor in Becoming an Efficient and Productive Officer.

By means of education, an officer’s potential can be used to the maximum extent.

Education reveals how an officer thinks, how to respond properly and how to make sound decisions.

Education is one of the most important factors which formulate the persona of an officer.

Education is a productive and beneficial factor to help ensure an officer’s continued existence on the team.

Education helps the officer develop a meaningful outlook on their position on the team.

Development of a Genuine and Successful Team Environment is Paramount to Our Existence.

Management will ensure expectations of the team are clear.

It is critical that everyone understands the context as to why we operate as a team.

The team must be committed to actively participating in accomplishing the agency’s goals.

The team must feel and believe they have competent team members amongst them.

The team must embrace our charter and create a mission to help accomplish our goals.

The team will be empowered and given necessary freedom to accomplish our goals.

The team must establish and understand the roles and responsibilities of each team member.

It is crucial that all team members are clear as to the priority of their tasks.

We value and encourage creative thinking, unique solutions, and new ideas.

All teams will be coordinated and directed by upper management and will be provided what they need to succeed.